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The PLR Opportunity Fund identifies and targets incentivized economic opportunity zones in order to undertake projects that provide affordable housing, mixed use development and entrepreneurial space — spurring economic growth and lifting communities.

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U.S. Treasury Certified

What is an Opportunity Zone?

An opportunity zone is a specific census tract certified by the U.S. Treasury, that provides investors tax breaks for investment capital with the intent to generate economic development.

Investment Vehicle

What is an Opportunity Fund?

An Opportunity Fund is an investment vehicle that must invest a minimum of 90% of their capital within a qualified Opportunity Zone.

Well Positioned Investment Opportunities in Specialized Sectors of the Local and World Economy


Currently, we are concentrating on the Florida real estate market in conjunction with our subsidiary company PLR Florida LLC.

The PLR Opportunity Fund positions clients in all 67 counties in Florida. PLR believes in strong community relationships, not only to give clients tremendous tax advantages and incentives, but workable state and local incentives as well.


Why Invest in an Opportunity Fund?

Investing in Opportunity Funds allows federal tax deferral on recent capital gains through December 31, 2026, reduce that tax payment by 15% through a step up basis and pay zero taxes on potential profits by holding the investment 10 years.

Opportunity Fund Investment

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Guide to Opportunity
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Get an overview of how the Opportunity Zone program and how investing in an Opportunity Fund works with this guide provided by PLR New York.

Opportunity Fund Investment


How Opportunity Fund Investing Works

When an investor sells an asset generating a capital gain they must then reinvest those capital gains within 180 days into a qualified Opportunity Fund.

If the investment is held the tax liability will be reduced by 10% after 5 years and 15% after 7 years. If held 10 years or more the gains earned from the Opportunity Fund are reduced to zero.


Why Choose PLR

PLR is working toward an Opportunity Fund that achieves attractive returns with Opportunity Fund projects that will provide affordable housing, mixed use development and entrepreneurial space that will help lift communities with economic growth.

By utilizing the vast knowledge and expertise of our diversified, well rounded PLR team our intent is to target specific Opportunity Zone projects that not only allow the federal tax credits but also take full advantage of other state, local and municipality incentives which lead to a higher return. Our team is committed to working with all level of government policy makers to ensure the Opportunity Zone projects achieve their full potential.

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Invest in the PLR Opportunity Fund to enjoy tax breaks by utilizing your capital gains.

Summary of Risks

Being that the Opportunity Zone Program is newly created the final regulations have not yet been specified by the U.S. Treasury. When the final regulations are in place they may impact the fund in previously unanticipated ways.

Real Estate investments are speculative in nature and the funds business is subject to those risks.

Investors in this Offering risk losing all Capital invested and returns may or may not generate at the levels the Company expects.

The Manager’s intention to comply with Section 1400Z of the tax code could potentially affect the structure or timing of exit from the investments or the success of the investments.


Given the uncertainty, each prospective investor should consult with their personal tax advisors before making any investment into an opportunity fund, including the PLR Opportunity Fund. This is not an offer to sell nor a solicitation to buy PLR New York LLC, Opportunity Fund. That can only be done by a confidential Private Placement Memorandum (“PPM”).

The equity interests being sold in this offering have not been disapproved or approved by the Securities Exchange or any state division nor have they passed upon the accuracy or adequacy of a PPM or the disclosures provided therein.